Fat grafting has long been one of the key goals of plastic and reconstructive medicine and has presented key challenges we are all familiar with. Advances in techniques have made small volume fat transfers a standard practice however large volume fat grafts of >300ml remain a significant challenge today. Just as Chuck Yaeger, a pilot, had to collaborate with some of the greatest scientific minds of the day to break the sound barrier so too do we have to seek better collaborations between clinicians and scientists to breaking the 'fat barrier'.

The goal is simple: transplant large volumes of fat for plastic & reconstructive purposes; the challenge is however complex and multi-factorial. Keeping the fat graft alive and conserving or controlling volume in a safe and long term manner requires a deep understanding of cell biology and tissue engineering or regenerative medicine. A comprehensive review of these topics is required in order to understand the status of clinical and scientific knowledge gathered from different but relevant areas of research today as well as to define the gaps we still need to overcome. A working hypothesis defines the challenge in 6 topics or milestones namely: source of cells, messaging, angiogenesis, space, inflammation (environment) and technique.

The G20 meeting is designed to bring together the leaders in their respective fields both from a clinical and scientific background, provide a discussion platform to review status of knowledge and create practical clinical and scientific research collaborations to go after these challenges, in short to create a working group. It is not intended to become a society and is also no intended to replace any existing societies, many of which are doing excellent work in this field and which may offer platforms for our working group to present findings.

Beautiful ABC Foundation

Our foundation has one main goal: It is to inspire radical hope. This goal, to inspire hope that a life of joy, beauty and wholeness is possible after breast cancer, drives all our actions.

Since reconstruction plays an important role in restoring the wholeness of the body, providing top level education in the field of reconstructive surgery as well as research are an important part of our foundation.

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Johan Vandeweghe, CEO
Phillip Blondeel, Founder

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Avance MedicalAvance is a regenerative medical technologies company specialised in taking biology based cell therapies from the test tube to everyday clinical practice. Our portfolio includes systems to prepare PRP (platelet rich plasma), autologous thrombin, autologous fibrin, stem cell isolation from bone marrow and fat, scaffolding matrices. Visit us at

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